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2019 JEAN-PAUL ET CHARLY THEVENET Regnie Grain et Granit (Beaujolais, France)

2019 JEAN-PAUL ET CHARLY THEVENET Regnie Grain et Granit (Beaujolais, France)

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Style - Elegant

Grapes - Gamay

Tasting - Out there with the wild things. This is Natural with a capital N. But it does sit inside our tolerance zone of the wacky and funky end of the wine spectrum. We won't have any of that mouse piss/hamster cage/cooked rice/dog breath flavour-taint thank you.

FYI: Jean-Paul Thevenet is Charly's father and was one of the original 'gang of four' mavericks in Beaujolais who took up the no herbicides/pesticides in the vineyard and no additions or subtractions in the winery mantle. (More info on that here). What you get is pure, unadulterated grape juice turned into wine by fermentation via native yeasts. That means it has a personality all of its own. In this case that's high acid, cloudy, earthy and altogether wild. And, of course, with no fining or filtration this is a vegan friendly wine too. Ideally you'll drink this with a bit of chill on it. 'Room temperature' is always too hot for red wine anyway. Unless you happen to have a room that's 15-18 degrees C.

ABV: 14%

Biodynamic. Contains Sulphites

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