The Quarantine Queen

The Quarantine Queen

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Your want to feel like a Quarantine Queen? Say no more….

1 x NV JEAN COMYN Harmonie Brut 75cl (12%ABV)

1 x NV SCANDOLERA Frizzante Anticato Prosecco 75cl (11.5%ABV)

1 x 2018 VAGABOND URBAN WINERY Bacchus PDO 75cl (11.5%ABV)

1 x 2017 VAGABOND URBAN WINERY English Chardonnay 75cl (11.5%ABV)

1 x 2018 VAGABOND URBAN WINERY English Rose 75cl (11.5%ABV)

1 x 2018 VAGABOND Cinsault 75cl (11%ABV)


Contains Sulphites