Choosing The Right Wine

Choosing the right Wine can feel like so much pressure! It’s like that moment you’re given full control over the music at a party or in the office, and suddenly you question your WHOLE identity. What if they judge me based on my manic obsession with Shirley Bassey? Is it acceptable to play smooth FM right now, or is it creepy? Are Atomic Kitten still relevant? Even when it’s ironic. Gosh, who even knows man.

Well, selecting your Wine is just like choosing the right crowd pleaser, sometimes you’ve just got to roll with it and hope it works. Alternatively, you can read our guide below and save yourself the trouble of looking like a fool in front of everyone, and being a fancy Wine Connoisseur at your next dinner party or trip to Vagabond.


Let’s assume you’ve never dipped your toe in the Wine pond before and you’re not sure where to start:


  • First things first, just enjoy the discovery of it. Don’t shy away from navigating outside of your taste buds. Try different things, your taste will often change!
  • Do your research: there are lots of references online you can look at to help you on your Wine conquest.
  • Read the tasting notes: the descriptions on there will give you an indication of what the Wine is like, feeling fruity? Well, go get yourself some fruity Wine!
  • Make it sociable: you don’t have to drink the same bottle in one night (tempting though it may be), try and few and go back to them to see which ones you like, a lot of Wines are actually better the next day.


Now you’ve chosen your Wine, here’s the process for actually tasting it:


Ever seen someone swirl a glass, sniff the wine, take a baby sip, narrow their eyes intently and say “yes Roger a bottle of that please”? Well guess what they’re doing it right my friend. So you get to do the same!


  • The key component here is a nice glass to drink from. Deadly serious, they are designed to channel aromas and flavours.
  • Smelling Wine is actually important, swirling the glass will shake up the aroma compounds, 80% of our sense of taste comes from smell so be sure to get a whiff!
  • Finally, the after taste is super important, that’s often where Win will get their sense of impact.


A few more things to consider when making your selection:


  • You can’t really tell what a Wine will be like by looking at it. A fancy label doesn’t really mean anything.
  • There are however, some clues in the colour, give it a smell if you can, and obviously try and a taste where possible.
  • Remember at Vagabond you can try a sample before you buy it, so there is always that option too.
  • Old Wines don’t always mean good Wines.
  • Experiment, you won’t find your flavour right away!


We hope we’ve given you some insights in to making the right choice. If you fancy learning a bit more, keep an eye out for our Wine tasting sessions where we give you insights and detailed understandings of different Wines.