Wine Tasting Experience

The SOMM Box features a new selection of wines every month. In true Vagabond fashion, it offers a range of unique wines from around the world, handpicked by our award-winning wine experts - directly from the winemakers.

  • Vibrant Reds

    Fruity, Charming and Light Bodied Red Wines

  • Elegant Reds

    Silky, Smooth and Light to Medium Body Reds

  • Spicy Reds

    Wild, Earthy and Medium to Full Body Red Wines

  • Bold Reds

    Big, Powerful and

    Full Body Red Wines

  • Crisp Whites

    Refreshing, Easy and Light Body White Wines

  • Aromatic Whites

    Floral, Flavourful and Light to Medium Body

  • Rich Whites

    Luscious, Round and Medium to Full Body

  • Skin-Contact Wines

    A range of Orange & Rosé Wines

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Who are Vagabond?

We have come a long way since our first little shop in Fulham in late 2010, but the mission is still the same. Great wines at great prices, to be experienced by all.

Tasting and exploring wine were once a sweet perk of the wine trade. At Vagabond, we opened it up to the world! Our bars allow everyone - no matter your expertise - to sample and discover over 100 wines by the glass without the commitment, or pressures you might find in a classic wine bar/restaurant wine list situation. 

We also produce our own wine at the Battersea Power Station branch.

Wines Produced at our Urban Winery