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2022 VAGABOND WINERY Night Tripper 75cl (London, United Kingdom)

2022 VAGABOND WINERY Night Tripper 75cl (London, United Kingdom)

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Style - Orange

Grapes - Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc

Tasting - UNICORN WINE ALERT!!! Expressive floral and baked rhubarb nose with spicy and zippy palate. Let this wine take you on a journey, much like the psychedelic rock artist. 'Dr John the Night Tripper' does with his Gris-Gris album. 

FYI: Just 230 bottles were made of this beauty! Pinot Gris provides the seductive pink and copper hue, whilst the sauvignon blanc gives the enticing aromas... 

ABV: 13%

Declared Vegan

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